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Plan 9 is 22!

Plan 9 is 22 this month! We have been creating, designing, and producing production ready analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for many customers around the world for 22 years.

In addition to design work, we started our IP business which is offering narrow band, power line communications AFE IP for sale or license. You can see our website for the data sheets or request one of our P1000 loaner boards to check out its performance for yourself.

Plan 9, Inc.

Melbourne, Florida, USA

Application Note- Inductors are killing your MTPR response

See our report illustrating the wide range in MTPR results from different inductors. ( ) It is hard to predict the performance from the spec sheets, so you might have to do your own comparison to able to pick the best inductor to reduce the intermodulation distortion (intermods) caused by your Cenelec A filter. The P1000 Narrow Band, Power Line Communications line driver distortion performance is one of the lowest while driving low impedance loads and we want you to have the full MTPR range without the application circuit overly diminishing the performance.

Plan 9 Factsheet

In the 21 years we have been Plan 9, we have gotten two types of response to our name, either “cool name!” from obviously science fiction aficionados (which a lot of engineers are) or “why did you name your company that?” which comes from those, let’s say, who are just not as familiar. I will say that when we encountered the latter response, explaining anything about the name usually just made it worse. I don’t think our name ever affected our business relationship. What we did for our customers is what mattered. So, you may ask, who are these Plan 9 guys? Well maybe not all of you, but here is our new Factsheet that will help you to get to know the company with the cool name. Download it from .

P1000 TX vs. Competitor Line Driver

Check out our results from our competitor comparison test effort. We tested the P1000 TX vs. a nationally know PLC line driver using our LabVIEW test setup. Once the loads dropped to 10 Ohms and below, the P1000 demonstrated that it could provide a lower distortion waveforms at high currents than the competition. The distortion at 1 Ohm load, is better than the competitor’s at 10 Ohms.  The full report is available on our website.

Plan 9 is 21!

Our Narrow Band Power Line Communications (PLC), Analog Front-end IP is out, it all functions, we are testing it, and the performance is looking like the specs! What more could you ask for? We will be finishing up our evaluation and sending out the complete data sheets to those who are interested and contact us. Feel free to inquire!

Plan 9 PLC Narrow-band AFE IP update

The IC’s are finally here after a lot of effort including the fab cycle, the board design, the LabVIEW test solution, and the packaging. See the pictures of the die, packages, and test board on the front page slideshow. We are testing it now, stay tuned for updates.