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Plan 9 is 21!

Our Narrow Band Power Line Communications (PLC), Analog Front-end IP is out, it all functions, we are testing it, and the performance is looking like the specs! What more could you ask for? We will be finishing up our evaluation and sending out the complete data sheets to those who are interested and contact us. Feel free to inquire!

Plan 9 PLC Narrow-band AFE IP update

The IC’s are finally here after a lot of effort including the fab cycle, the board design, the LabVIEW test solution, and the packaging. See the pictures of the die, packages, and test board on the front page slideshow. We are testing it now, stay tuned for updates.

Plan 9 Narrow-band analog front-end PLC IP is here!

Three blocks are offered at this time: 1) 3A, 24V transmitter capable of driving low impedance loads down to 1 Ohm, 2) RX with range of 48dB to -12dB of total gain with a high voltage input, and 3) a precision bias circuit used to provide each the above circuits with the required reference currents. Take a look at the data sheets in the IP section. Email or call us for additional information.