Plan 9 offers two mixed signal ASIC related services-  design services and peer review.

Plan 9 designs your circuit in one of our partnered fab processes and the customer handles the wafer purchases, testing and other concerns directly with the fab. After the devices are fabricated, Plan 9 performs the evaluation and testing to make sure the part is spec compliant. We have several foundries that have extensive offerings and, if necessary, we can use the customer’s foundry choice instead.

Finally, Plan 9 can attend peer reviews on your behalf with your ASIC provider to give you greater confidence that the ASIC you get is the ASIC you want. Having an objective third party to review the ASIC often reveals differences in expectations that can often be corrected before being committed to silicon saving money and time.

Here are some of experiences:

Provided peer review for multi-million dollar ASIC development by attending project milestones, advised customer of development status, and acted as interface between ASIC design vendor and the customer. In addition, Plan 9 provided layout support in order to expedite the schedule.

Visited ASIC development facility for peer review on the behalf of an equipment manufacturer engaged in an ASIC development. Wrote report outlining ASIC status.

Participated in peer reviews for several military ASIC’s by providing design, layout, tool, and process assistance.