Receiver IP Information for Narrow band PLC Analog Front-end (AFE) Application

Plan 9’s newest IP offering includes a narrow-band Power Line Communications (PLC) Receiver used in an analog front-end for your wireline application. Receiver IP block designed to operate over CENELEC-A-D, ARIB, G3 and FCC bands with outstanding sensitivity and MTPR (Multi-Tone Power Ratio) performance receiving OFDM signals.  

Possible applications include:

  • Smart Meters, solar panel monitoring, home automation, EV car chargers
  • Harsh environments requiring robust operation
  • IEEE 1901.2, G3-Alliance, CENELEC A-D, ARIB, ITU G.9901, PRIME, and/or FCC Band standard applications
  • Home Plug, HomeGrid
  • OFDM based wireline communications

Download an one page datasheet of the narrow-band PLC Receiver. If you are interested in more information or how to license this IP, please contact us via one of the means listed on our Contact Us page.