P1000 Line Driver IP Information for Narrow-band PLC Analog Front-end (AFE) Application

Actual Output signal with 1 Ohm Load showing 3A drive

Plan 9 is offering, as semiconductor IP, a narrow-band Power Line Communications (PLC) transmitter line driver used in an analog front-end for your application. This Line Driver is capable of driving low impedance loads with peaks of 3A while maintaining high MTPR.

Possible applications include:

  • Smart Meters, solar panel monitoring, home automation, EV car chargers
  • Harsh environments requiring robust operation
  • IEEE 1901.2, G3-Alliance, CENELEC A-D, ARIB, PRIME, ITU G.9901, and/or FCC Band standard applications
  • Home Plug, HomeGrid

Please download (below) our FULL datasheet which briefly describes our line driver, a comparison of competitive drivers, and other the application circuit related papers.

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