Plan 9, Inc. is a Melbourne Florida based corporation incorporated in 1999. Plan 9 specializes in mixed signal and analog integrated circuit design services. These design services include: circuit and system specification development, full custom mixed-signal design, mixed-signal block level design, mixed-signal layout, and evaluation board development.

Plan 9 strives to exceed customer expectations and provide exceptional value for its services. Plan 9 has a consistent track-record for on-time delivery and spec-compliant products.

Sometimes moving a board level design to an Custom IC poses challenges, Plan 9 provides the technical expertise necessary to create the IC specs, help determine foundry services that are compatible with your design, define the design services you would need, and help create a test plan. 

Plan 9 is now offering integrated circuit IP for licensing or sale in narrow-band power line communications analog front-end application space.  A line driver capable of driving a 1 Ohm load with peaks of 3Amps while maintaining high MPTR, and a receiver with a high voltage input and gain from 48dB to -12dB.  In addition, we offer the precision bias circuit.  See our  IP Section.

Click on the Plan 9 Factsheet below for a concise synopsis of who Plan 9 is, what we have done, and what we can do for you.

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