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Plan 9 is moving… forward!

Plan 9 is moving its galactic headquarters to 700 N Wickham Rd, Suite 102 in Melbourne, FL 32935 where, with a little more room, we can continue to move forward with our development of new product IP. Yes, we are working on an enhanced version of the P1000, the P2000. While the name is not that creative, the IP and design is. The P2000 includes more direct capacitive drive capability, cleaner short-circuit response, and some additional new features. So, how much capacitance can it drive and what additional features? After we finish unpacking the boxes, I will post more about the P2000’s specs and features.

Full Datasheets

The full versions of P1000 datasheets are now available on our website. There are three datasheets- Line Driver, RX PGA, and Bias/Thermal shutdown. These datasheets have more information regarding performance and functionality and you don’t have to request them. Download them today, then contact us if you want to try a demo board. Win-win, no concerns, no debate, no trade-offs, it is like the glass is…

Low Drive Issues

Data sheets and evaluation kits are available for the P1000 Line driver and receiver. Designed especially for narrow band Power Line Communications applications but can be use in other applications. Try it out, the side effects may be agreeable.

Plan 9 is 22!

Plan 9 is 22 this month! We have been creating, designing, and producing production ready analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for many customers around the world for 22 years.

In addition to design work, we started our IP business which is offering narrow band, power line communications AFE IP for sale or license. You can see our website for the data sheets or request one of our P1000 loaner boards to check out its performance for yourself.

Plan 9, Inc.

Melbourne, Florida, USA

Application Note- Inductors are killing your MTPR response

See our report illustrating the wide range in MTPR results from different inductors. ( ) It is hard to predict the performance from the spec sheets, so you might have to do your own comparison to able to pick the best inductor to reduce the intermodulation distortion (intermods) caused by your Cenelec A filter. The P1000 Narrow Band, Power Line Communications line driver distortion performance is one of the lowest while driving low impedance loads and we want you to have the full MTPR range without the application circuit overly diminishing the performance.

OFDM isn’t for every Line Driver…

The P1000 line driver outperforms the two competitors during MTPR testing using various difficult loads. Just shows that you have to test with real world signals and loads, not just what makes the part look good.

Plan 9 Factsheet

In the 21 years we have been Plan 9, we have gotten two types of response to our name, either “cool name!” from obviously science fiction aficionados (which a lot of engineers are) or “why did you name your company that?” which comes from those, let’s say, who are just not as familiar. I will say that when we encountered the latter response, explaining anything about the name usually just made it worse. I don’t think our name ever affected our business relationship. What we did for our customers is what mattered. So, you may ask, who are these Plan 9 guys? Well maybe not all of you, but here is our new Factsheet that will help you to get to know the company with the cool name. Download it from .