IP Products

Information is now available for Plan 9’s  Narrow-band Power Line Communications (PLC) IP.  Components ready to construct an analog front-end (AFE) include the high current line driver, noise, switchable gain, high input swing receiver blocks, and a precision reference that provides the current for both.

Possible applications for this IP are: smart meters, electric meter reading, solar panel sensing, EV car chargers,  OFDM wireline communications, smart houses, smart grid, CENELEC, G3, PRIME, FCC band, ITU G.9901, IEEE 1900.2, and other applications.

These blocks are currently offered for license or purchase. Inquiries are welcome.  Please review the one page data sheets for the three circuits we are offering at this time and contact us regarding questions about technical performance or licensing/purchasing.  We also load a evaluation kit to allow you to measure the P1000 directly.  

IP can be a difficult to integrate or use when you are left on your own with the complex task of taking an integrated circuit database and making it a product.  Plan 9 wants you to succeed with our IP, so we will be there for you.  Plan 9 will be there to ensure that the IP integrates into your product needs with documentation, expert help, assistance with layout, test development help, FA needs, and customization, if desired.  If you want the current test chip as a product, then Plan 9 will provide any additional engineering necessary to make it a product.  Plan 9 wants you to succeed.  

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