P1000 TX Application Note 3 is here!

Finally, the third Application Note, “System Design” is available as a download in our TX IP section. It describes how to combine the analysis from the previous two application notes to be used to optimize the transformer ratio and the VDD to produce required output voltage at a safe temperature.

Next Application Note: Power Dissipation

This Application note takes you through the calculation of power dissipation, temperature rise, and overhead voltage for the P1000 narrow band power line communications (PLC) Line Driver. It is the second in a series of notes on how to right size the line driver, transformer, and VDD to achieve your desired goals without overheating your line driver. Find it on
P1000 Line Driver IP Information for Narrow-band PLC Analog Front-end (AFE) Application

Application Note Series

There is a lot of thought needed, or at least should be, to designing an efficient and high performing line driver circuit. The line driver and the line interface circuit should minimally impact the performance of the PLC communication channel, just like one customer requested from us, “a wire with gain.” It starts with a versatile, robust, high performance line driver like the P1000 or P2000. Robustness is what is important to design because the load and demands are different from the lab, so the line interface circuit must be designed to approach that wire over a broad range of load conditions such that it seldom become the dominant source of signal degradation. This series of application note topics will help you analyze and optimize your interface circuitry to conform to the often mutually exclusive constraints, standards, and specifications. The first application note looks at designing the interface circuit. I hope you benefit from it, and you come back for the next application note of the series. You can download it from
P1000 Line Driver IP Information for Narrow-band PLC Analog Front-end (AFE) Application Notes)

P2000 Short Circuit Protection

Here is another feature of the P2000 Narrow Band Power line communications (PLC) line driver, its short circuit protection. Stability is paramount to handling difficult loads. If the short circuit protection is oscillating or effectively disabling the circuit, it is difficult to know what to do next. The P2000 nicely clips the signal with minimum distortion of the rest of the signal and is fairly tolerant of inductance in the line or even your own coupling network. Email for full datasheet.

P1000 vs. Competitor 3

Here is a recent comparison of the MTPR distortion of the P1000 and a fully differential Competitor, aka Competitor 3. Two different challenges are presented where one favors the P1000 by demanding higher current and the other favors Competitor 3 by allowing higher voltage supplies, higher signal levels, and higher transformer ratios. The outcome of this challenge is captured below. The P1000 didn’t disappoint. Check out website and download various information about our products.

Plan 9 is moving… forward!

Plan 9 is moving its galactic headquarters to 700 N Wickham Rd, Suite 102 in Melbourne, FL 32935 where, with a little more room, we can continue to move forward with our development of new product IP. Yes, we are working on an enhanced version of the P1000, the P2000. While the name is not that creative, the IP and design is. The P2000 includes more direct capacitive drive capability, cleaner short-circuit response, and some additional new features. So, how much capacitance can it drive and what additional features? After we finish unpacking the boxes, I will post more about the P2000’s specs and features.

Full Datasheets

The full versions of P1000 datasheets are now available on our website. There are three datasheets- Line Driver, RX PGA, and Bias/Thermal shutdown. These datasheets have more information regarding performance and functionality and you don’t have to request them. Download them today, then contact us if you want to try a demo board. Win-win, no concerns, no debate, no trade-offs, it is like the glass is…

Low Drive Issues

Data sheets and evaluation kits are available for the P1000 Line driver and receiver. Designed especially for narrow band Power Line Communications applications but can be use in other applications. Try it out, the side effects may be agreeable.