line driver

P2000 Short Circuit Protection

Here is another feature of the P2000 Narrow Band Power line communications (PLC) line driver, its short circuit protection. Stability is paramount to handling difficult loads. If the short circuit protection is oscillating or effectively disabling the circuit, it is difficult to know what to do next. The P2000 nicely clips the signal with minimum distortion of the rest of the signal and is fairly tolerant of inductance in the line or even your own coupling network. Email for full datasheet.

P1000 vs. Competitor 3

Here is a recent comparison of the MTPR distortion of the P1000 and a fully differential Competitor, aka Competitor 3. Two different challenges are presented where one favors the P1000 by demanding higher current and the other favors Competitor 3 by allowing higher voltage supplies, higher signal levels, and higher transformer ratios. The outcome of this challenge is captured below. The P1000 didn’t disappoint. Check out website and download various information about our products.

Full Datasheets

The full versions of P1000 datasheets are now available on our website. There are three datasheets- Line Driver, RX PGA, and Bias/Thermal shutdown. These datasheets have more information regarding performance and functionality and you don’t have to request them. Download them today, then contact us if you want to try a demo board. Win-win, no concerns, no debate, no trade-offs, it is like the glass is…